OUT HERE IN THE FIELD – Terms & Conditions


‘Promoter’/’Event Organiser/s’

Nice Try Events Pty Ltd.
ABN 28 647 750 892
11 Dover Crescent
Waratah West, NSW, 2298


Out Here In The Field

‘Event Site’/‘Site’

Cascade Brewery, 140 Cascade Rd, South Hobart 


Any person holding a valid ticket to attend the event.

By purchasing or holding a ticket to this event you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. The Promoter reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time.


Entry to and exit from the event site is strictly via the front gate only – located at 140 Cascade Rd, South Hobart. Any attempts to access the site at any other point or via any other route or means will be considered trespassing and police will be called. 


No ticket refunds will be granted for any reason except where required by law. This event is an all weather event and will go ahead rain, hail or shine.


THIS IS STRICTLY AN 18+ EVENT. You will be required to show valid proof of age ID upon entry. Anyone under the age of 18 or who does not have ID will not be allowed entry to the site.


You are welcome to bring snacks and nibbles. Items such as eskies, picnic baskets and large bags are prohibited. We are curating an exciting food & wine experience for Out Here In the Field 2022, catering for a wide range of tastes, dietaries and budgets.


This event is fully licensed. You are not permitted to bring any alcohol into the event or take any alcohol away from the event.  There will be security and RSA staff on site for the duration of the event to ensure current RSA guidelines are met and adhered to. For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, the event has a zero tolerance policy for intoxication, and the RSA staff, site managers and security staff patrolling the event reserve the right to remove any person displaying signs of intoxication, or any behaviour that is harmful or threatening to themselves or others. If you are removed from the site for this reason, you are not entitled to a refund.


You will receive a wristband upon entry to the event. You must wear the wristband at all times during the event. DO NOT LOSE IT. If your wristband is not visible, event staff may ask you to produce it. If you are unable to produce your wristband and do not have proof of ticket purchase you will be removed from the site. If you are removed from the site for this reason, you are not entitled to a refund.


THIS IS AN OUTDOOR EVENT. It is advised you wear comfortable shoes and wear appropriate clothing to suit cooler and/or changing weather conditions. Once again, the event will go ahead RAIN, HAIL or SHINE.


The easiest way to get to the event site is via Taxi, ride share, walk or event shuttle. There will be event parking close to the site. Special event shuttles will run regularly from the city on the event day. More information on parking and shuttles will be announced in the coming weeks to all ticket holders and via our website and social media channels.  

For information on public transport to Cascade Brewery please visit https://www.metrotas.com.au/


There is a zero tolerance policy towards any person who displays anti-social, aggressive or violent behaviour at this event. There will be uniformed staff , Police and security guards patrolling the site for the duration of the event who reserve the right to remove any patron they consider to display any of the above behavioural misconducts, or any behaviour that is considered to be threatening or harmful to themselves or others. Should you witness any person displaying signs of behavioural misconduct, please report the incident immediately to the nearest security guard. If you are removed from the site for this reason, you are not entitled to a refund.


  • Comfortable and appropriate clothing and footwear to suit changing weather conditions
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • You can bring a small bag (under 25cm x 25 cm, no backpacks or satchel bags will be admitted into the event) but you will be asked to present your bag for inspection upon entrance to the site.
  • Low sling or short beach chair (no tall camping style chairs)


  • Alcohol, illegal drugs or any illicit substances of any kind
  • Cash – All food, bar and merch outlets will be cashless
  • Eskies, picnic baskets, backpacks or large bags
  • Glass of any kind
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks, flares, sparklers, or any other explosive or combustible material of any kind
  • Animals of any kind (excluding Assistance/Service dogs)
  • Musical instruments of any kind
  • Portable sound systems
  • Audio or video recording devices (excluding mobile phones)
  • Professional photography equipment 
  • Tall camping chair


You agree to enter the event site at your own risk. You are primarily responsible for your own behaviour and personal conduct for the entire duration of the event, including the entrance into the site and exit from the site. It is your responsibility to wear appropriate clothes and shoes suitable for walking short distances, standing for long periods of time, and changing weather conditions. Responsible consumption and service of alcohol will be strictly adhered to by all present at the event site. Site managers, security guards, an RSA officer, and event crew members will be present for the duration of the event to ensure patrons’ safety to the best of their ability. Please see one of these representatives should you feel your safety is being compromised at any point.



By entering the Event, you warrant that:

  • You do not have COVID-19, and are not awaiting test results for COVID-19 or otherwise have reason to suspect that you have contracted COVID-19;
  • You have not knowingly been in contact with a person who: has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last fourteen (14) days or has reason to believe they have contracted COVID-19;
  • You have not returned from international travel in the last fourteen (14) days;
  • You do not have any of the following symptoms 
  • a cough
  • fever
  • shortness of breath
  • sore throat
  • sneezing and runny nose
  • muscle or joint pains
  • nausea, diarrhoea, or vomiting
  • temporary loss of smell or taste, altered sense of taste
  • loss of appetite and fatigue
  • any other cold or flu-like symptom associated or linked with COVID-19.

You acknowledge that as a condition of your entry, Out Here In The Field may collect personal information for the purposes of contact tracing and complying with COVID-19 related legislation, regulations and health orders. You agree and acknowledge that any personal information provided to any third-party ticketing intermediary (Oztix) may be collected, used or held by Out Here In The Field for this purpose. You warrant that any personal information provided by you to any third-party ticketing intermediary or Out Here In The Field is correct. Out Here In The Field will hold this information in accordance with Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and its privacy policy


Out Here In The Field is committed to a Covid Safe event in 2021 and will be adopting the following measures to ensure the safety of all attendees, staff and performers, in line with current Covid restrictions and recommendations. 

hand sanitiser will be available at key points around the event site 

– All bathrooms will be well stocked with hand soap and paper towels. 

  • All frequently touched areas and surfaces will be cleaned frequently throughout the event – this includes entry point surfaces, bars and food service areas, bathrooms, and other service areas.
  • Social distancing will be enforced wherever queuing is inevitable such as event entry, bars, food outlets and bathrooms. 
  • Additional facilities and services such as bars, food outlets and bathrooms will be in place to avoid excessive queues. 

If, at any time during the Event, you experience any Potential COVID-19 Symptoms, you will immediately report to Event Staff and follow any reasonable directions given by Event Staff or other health professional. You acknowledge and agree that you may be evicted from the Event.